About Us

my photo kate millerHi, my name is Kate Miller and I am running this website blog to help other people learn how to take care of their skin and make it smooth and soft.

Few words about myself:

I live in New Jersey and I am working in a beauty salon. Every day I see lots of women to are coming to our salon to make treatments for their skin. We all want to stay beautiful and young forever and when the time comes and the first wrinkles appear we start panic. Seeing all those women desperate for help I decided to create this web site where I can share all I have learned and know in order to assist everyone who wants to preserve his or her beauty and keep it as long as possible.

“Smooth Skin Forever” is my hobby blog and at the same time a good resource of beauty tips for those who are in need  for a good advice and would like to improve their looks. Do not forget that our skin is like a cover for a book, and many people judge us according to it. Therefore it is very important to keep it in a good condition by moisturizing and nourishing it on a regular basis.

I hope that you will find a lot of great recommendations, tips and recipes for your skin treatment and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to let me know.

Also if there is any topic that you would like to suggest me to write about or would like to learn more about I am open for your suggestions and will be happy to make needed research to cover it up here. Enjoy reading.

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